This was the response Mrs Young gave in response to our questionnaire question "Was there any particular reason you chose us to clean your furnishings?"
We've worked for Mrs Young since 2005 and have cleaned furnishings every year since.  Mrs Young uses our reminder service, where she's asked us to contact her to arrange the cleaning ust before Christmas every year.  Our reminder service is very popular as time flies and it means you don't have to remember to call us, we contact you to organise your cleaning.
Mrs Young also went on to say...

"It was great to have the same serviceman who has cleaned our furnishings for years."

Although there are seven of us we always try to send the same person back to do future work.  In fact many of our clients INSIST we send the same serviceman back and will wait until their preferred guy is available.  One client, Mrs Askey, says "It's like my Hairdresser, I know he'll do a good job, I know Pete will always do a good job with my carpet too."
If you'd like to experience the same level of service you give us a call, any time, n 0114 299 6799