Your carpet goes through a lot in summertime. Whether it’s the kids treading in mud, extra footfall from family BBQ’s or pesky pet accidents, it’s no wonder your flooring might not be looking its best – but don’t worry. With our 5 top tips you can keep your carpets clean and still have time to enjoy the sun (while it lasts).

1. Shoe free household

One sure-fire way to keep your carpets looking spick and span this summer is to become a shoe free household. Yes, it seems simple enough. But with kids, family and friends trekking in and out the house it’s an easy way to reduce mud, dirt and moisture getting trapped in your carpet.

2. Vacuum regularly

In summer your carpet sees a lot of traffic and that means you should try your best to stay on top of the cleaning routine. Regularly vacuuming your carpets prevents excessive wear and tear. It also removes dust, pet hair and allergens from the fibres, making it suitable for your little ones to crawl around.

3. Use mats, rugs and runners

In high footfall areas, such as hallways and doorways, the carpet can often wear down and become tired and dull. Prevent these issues with doormats, rugs and hallway runners. This provides a place for people to wipe their feet and keeps your beautiful carpets fresh and clean for longer.

4. Tackle spills straight away

Whether it’s an accidental red wine spill or a stain from a messy pup, it’s important you tackle spillages as soon as they occur. The longer it’s left, the harder it will be to remove the stain completely. Remember to blot rather than rub the spill, as this helps lift the spot from the surface.

Why not try our safe and non-toxic Spot Remover for free? This is a concentrated solution which can remove even the most stubborn of spills.

5. Get the professionals in

Are your carpets looking dirty this summer? Have you tried everything you can, but just can’t fix that big stain? Then it’s time you get the professional in.

While you could try to hire a carpet cleaning machine, this is often a time-consuming and costly option. You also risk damaging carpets with harsh and toxic chemicals. However, with professional carpet cleaners you can be confident that you’re getting quality cleaning that will extend the life of your carpets.

At Clean & Dry we offer a thorough and hassle-free carpet cleaning service in Sheffield to make your home feel brighter, fresher and cleaner for longer. Best of all, our work is backed by our 100% guarantee.

We don't just clean soft furnishings, we also clean Karndean and other hard floors too.

If you have Karndean flooring that's lost its shine we can deep clean and seal it to restore its original appeal. Below is a recent floor we restored.

Call us now for a free no obligation quote and test clean to show you what can be done 0114 350 3799...

Remedies for pets over Christmas

Make the Holidays fun for your pets too...

Increased visitors, unexpected guests and a change to the normal routine over the hectic holiday season can change a pet’s normal routine and increase their stress level. For a pet that's used to following a regular routine, the holidays can become a very stressful time.
Unfortunately for homeowners, one of the first symptoms of a “stressed-out” pet is often unexpected and an accident indoors. With the potential for the 'expected' spills and stains that come with holiday entertaining, the last thing pet owners want or need is a pet stain to clean up and the potential lingering odour that comes with it.
Here's what we recommend for pet lovers to ensure a joyful and accident-free holiday season with their furry companions:

  • Create a safe space for pets away from the crowd that includes toys, their bed and other familiar items like food and a water bowl to help decrease anxiety.
  • Stick to a familiar schedule as much as possible and limit the amount of changes pets are exposed to by taking walks and feeding them at the regular times.
  • Pet-proof the home by keeping holiday decorations, electrical cords, food, alcoholic beverages, and holiday plants out of reach to avoid stressful trips to the vet.

When accidents do occur, it is vital to act quickly to remove the stains.

Here are some remedies for removing pet urine and odour to preserve both carpets and a home health.
Our 'Pongo' Pet Odour Remover. For improved results over home remedies, try our 'Pongo' product which eliminates fresh pet urine odours and stains at the source.
Professional cleaning. For older or severe pet urine issues, you can contact us to come into your home and provide their revolutionary Pongo deodorising service to eliminate pet urine odours right at the source.

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Meet our team of Senior Technicians and DFPWATF’s (Dead Friendly People Who Answer The Phone).

When you choose who you want to carry out work in your home or workplace you will definitely want to know a little bit more about their people before you make your choice – and it’s always nice to put a face to a name so you know who will arrive at your door.

You can be reassured that ALL the team have had in-depth CRB/DBS checks completed and all have clean records.  We've been approved to work in HM Prisons, Secure Hospital Units, Banks and several other secure organisations. For your own peace of mind please check any cleaner you contact can make the same assurance.

So here we are, the team at Sheffield Clean & Dry...


Allan Simmons Jnr.Allan Simmons

When Allan Jnr left college in 1988 he joined his father in his part-time carpet cleaning business as a shareholding partner.  Allan Jnr. ran the business full time until Allan Sr became full time too in 1989.  Having done 'every job' in the business Allan Jnr looked after all the commercial contract clients and the domestic customer service areas of that business.  Allan Jnr. left that business in March 2016 to start his own business doing specialist stone floor cleaning and restoration, Clean & Dry was formed.  When Allan Jnr's father decided to retire in April 2018 Allan took on the technicians his father had employed to work with him on stone floor restoration.  After some persuasion from them, Allan added carpet cleaning to his service offering at Clean & Dry too.  As the technicians were already fully trained and ready to go they said it would be mad not to.  Allan Jnr will be the one that chases you up if we've not had your questionnaire back, just to make sure everything was okay. He's a strong black coffee drinker. He's also been a keen magician since he was young and performs as a close-up magician in his spare time.  He loves his motorbike and a Sunday ride out.

Mary Simmons
Details coming soon.

Kevin Waters

Kevin is one of our Senior Technicians and has worked with Allan since the early 90's, I know, he doesn't look old enough does he?  He does most of our domestic quotations so is probably the first person you will meet.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience so just ask him anything you like.  If he doesn't know you can bet he knows 'a man who does'.  In his spare time he enjoys his motorbike and gardening.  Kevin prefers coffee, white no sugar and chocolate biscuits.


Wayne Quiddington

Another Senior Technician who has worked with Allan for what feels like forever.  Although trained in all areas to the highest levels we look to Wayne as our leather specialist.  The most frequent comment we receive on questionnaires about Wayne is "he never stopped!", that's until the job is done then he prefers Coffee, white no sugar and biscuits to recharge.  In his spare time he's into his football and is an active youth team coach, plays pool and is somewhat of an artist on the quiet (but the other guy's didn't know that until now)


Pete Dorans

A Senior Technician with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  The most frequent comment we receive about Pete is "very conscientious".  While he's great at cleaning carpets and upholstery he dislikes repairing equipment, so 'pulls in a favour' with John if his kit breaks.  Pete has many clients who insist Pete does their cleaning, and some will even wait until he's back from holiday for their cleaning appointment.  Pete's poison is STRONG Tea, white one sugar.  Oh, he's usually the first in very early in the morning, we think it's to make sure his cuppa is made just how he likes it.


John Gillespie

Another Senior Technician who has Allan since the last century!  With probably the thickest training file record in the business, there's not much John doesn't know about carpets, upholstery and stone or hard floor cleaning.  He was also our first technician to be fully qualified in hard and stone floor cleaning and restoration.  With more and more hard floors out there and clients asking us if we cleaned them we thought it was about time we offered the service and had an in-house specialist.  He's not bad at fixing kit either, but woe betides you if you borrow his tools in the workshop and don't put them back. John is a Tea, white with 'half and half' if you have it.

BBC's Rogue Traders exposed what some carpet cleaning companies are up to...

It's a tactic known as 'Bait & Switch' and is now illegal, but there are still companies out there 'at it'.
Here's the clip from the TV programme...

You can be sure we'll not use this tactic and for your Peace of Mind we've been audited by the Which? Consumer Organisation and are one of their Which? Trusted Traders.  Which? audit our pricing practices to ensure we're not using Bait & Switch and that when we say you're getting a discount, it's a genuine discount.

Protect yourself from cowboys - always ask for a cleaners NCCA accreditation...

Established in 1968, the National Carpet Cleaners Association is the only independent UK trade body dedicated to the cleaning of carpets, hard flooring, upholstery, curtains and other soft furnishings. It's nationally recognised by the government, media and the carpet and furnishing  industry as the authoritative source of information and advice on all aspects of the industry.
The principal objective of the NCCA is the establishment and maintenance of minimum standards within the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry, with the dual aim of safeguarding the reputation of the industry and protecting its customers, whether in the domestic or commercial sphere.
Members are required to abide by the Association’s Code of Practice, which covers such specifics as fair pricing, service, complaints procedures, liability and consumer protection, and is designed to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. All members are expected to provide a fair deal for their customers, summed up by the NCCA motto "SERVICE WITH INTEGRITY"
All applicants for membership must have undertaken the NCCA or equivalent course in carpet and upholstery cleaning and reached the required standard in the written test papers which follow. This course offers a thorough grounding in all aspects of the carpet and upholstery craft, and covers theoretical and practical instruction in basic cleaning as well as spot and stain removal. Only after successful completion of this course may the applicant become a fully accredited member of the NCCA and be eligible to add the coveted logo to their company name.
It is important for the health of your family, and your furnishings, that the cleaner you use fully understands which cleaning materials are environmentally friendly, which can trigger allergies in susceptible people, such as asthmatics, and which solvents and cleaning fluids are appropriate to each of the many types of carpets and furnishing fabrics in people's homes today.
The long life of your precious carpets and curtains depends on their being cleaned by an expert. Without regular cleaning, a carpet that could remain fresh and bright for thirty years will be dull and worn after as little as ten years. Which is why investing in expert cleaning makes sound financial sense.
So always look for an NCCA accredited cleaner, and always ask to see evidence of that accreditation before allowing a cleaner to work on your carpets, hard floors or furnishings.  Here's our membership confirmation, click the logo...
National-Carpet-Cleaners-Association Members Sheffield Clean and Dry

Visit The NCCA's Website Here...

As the weather gets warmer and Spring settles in many people will start to snuffle and sneeze, trumpeting that allergy season is in full swing. The warmer weather is a welcome change from the chilly winter, but it also brings a wide variety of allergens like pollen, which can find its way into carpets and upholstery and stick. Regular carpet cleaning to remove allergens and grout cleaning to keep your tiles free from moulds are a vital part of keeping allergies at bay so that instead of suffering from a running nose and watery eyes, you can enjoy the warm weather and longer days. Here are a few other tips to help you keep your home fresher, healthier and allergy free!

Upholstery Cleaning Sheffield Review...


"Excellent service, very pleased with the results. Like new!"


Carpet Cleaner Sheffield Review...


"Very satisfied. Carpet looks like new!"


Carpet Cleaning Sheffield Review...


"Very satisfied when you have been before. Carpet transformed. Matthew very hard worker."