Chesterfield Special Cylinders impress their visitors.

When Janet Herring of Chesterfield Special Cylinders called our office on Wednesday afternoon she said she’d found our website and was interested in our “A VIP Visitor is Due Package” as they had visitors due on Monday the following week.  Our commercial specialist Allan Simmons Jnr visited the following morning to inspect and provide a fixed price quotation and the job was confirmed for a 6:00am start on the Saturday.  The carpet was covered it the usual greasy oily marks associated with manufacturing and engineering firms and on inspection Allan was able to demonstrate that they should be removed when thoroughly deep cleaned.  The following comments were received from Janet who said she was amazed at the difference when she came in on the Monday Morning…



Written by Allan Simmons

We're a local family run business owned by Allan Simmons Jnr with 30 years experience. If you're looking for clean, brighter and fresh smelling furnishings we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. Connect with Allan on Linkedin >>

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