Rug Cleaning

Revive your rug in our dedicated Rug Spa facility.

Extend the life of your beautiful rugs and create a healthier environment for you and
your family to enjoy with our expert rug cleaning process.
We’re not the cheapest rug cleaner, but nobody else in the area cleans rugs like we do, guaranteed!

We are a local Sheffield rug cleaner with over 34 years experience

For your Peace of Mind, we are the acknowledged authority on Rug Cleaning in Sheffield. With 34 years of Rug Cleaning experience and our total devotion to delighting you, our client, means we guarantee to:

    • Treat your home with respect.
    • Give you Fabulous Rug Cleaning that Stays Cleaner Longer.
    • Lovingly move your furniture and put it back when we’re finished.
    • Extend the life of your rugs.
    • Kill the breeding bugs that are lurking deep down in your rug.
    • Give you a dryer, faster and healthier rug cleaning process.
    • Leave your rug Pet and Baby safe for your peace of mind.


Making Rugs in Sheffield
Cleaner since 1988


Meet Clean & Dry Owner Allan Simmons Jnr.
& his team of professional, fully trained
rug cleaning technicians.
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Our Recent Rug Cleaning Reviews

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5/5  ·  27th November 2023 by of SHEFFIELD, Waterthorpe
How can you improve on perfection! Thank you to Allan & Kevin, brilliant service.
5/5  ·  13th November 2023 by of SHEFFIELD
It was old and dirty but lovely now. Great service.
5/5  ·  8th November 2023 by of SHEFFIELD
Reliable cleaning. Work done well and swift return. Excellent job.
5/5  ·  7th November 2023 by of SHEFFIELD
I'd say to anyone thinking of using you "Do it."
5/5  ·  6th November 2023 by of SHEFFIELD, Attercliffe
You won't recognise your rug when you get it back - looks so clean - like new.
5/5  ·  2nd November 2023 by of Sheffield
This is the best service. Always to the highest standard.
5/5  ·  31st October 2023 by of SHEFFIELD
Definitely use. Good service and reliable.
5/5  ·  18th October 2023 by of SHEFFIELD
Try Clean&Dry!
5/5  ·  10th October 2023 by of SHEFFIELD, Eccleshall
Wayne did a wonderful job with our carpet and rug. He was extremely pleasant and professional. He is a real asset to your business.
5/5  ·  2nd October 2023 by of SHEFFIELD
I don't think there is anything you can improve - the service was first class from my initial phone call to the rug being returned. I would recommend anyone definitely use you!
5/5  ·  25th September 2023 by of SHEFFIELD
I enjoyed speaking to Allan on the phone. I found the website clear and quote was competitive. These people are friendly and professional. The whole process felt easy and my rug came back clean and well looked after.
5/5  ·  22nd September 2023 by of SHEFFIELD, Harthill
I recommend Clean&Dry
5/5  ·  8th September 2023 by of SHEFFIELD
What I'd say to someone thinking of having a rug cleaned by you is... Get it done.
5/5  ·  2nd August 2023 by of SHEFFIELD, Totley Rise
Both my rugs had lots of stains on and I couldn't bare to look at them anymore. I am thrilled with them now, as usual. Go ahead and use them, you won't be sorry.
5/5  ·  7th July 2023 by of SHEFFIELD
Uric acid patch now gone.
5/5  ·  28th June 2023 by of SHEFFIELD, Killamarsh
Persian rug required speacialist cleaning. Fantastic results, excellent service, well worth while.
5/5  ·  17th May 2023 by of SHEFFIELD
Just go ahead with Clean&Dry Sheffield, they are very professional.
5/5  ·  15th May 2023 by of SHEFFIELD
Looked dirty and faded, now looks brand new again. First time it had been cleaned and you offered the complete package. I'd say to anyone thining about using Clean&Dry to "Go ahead, goog firm to deal with 10/10"
5/5  ·  24th January 2023 by of SHEFFIELD, Swallownest
Very good service overall,
5/5  ·  24th November 2022 by of SHEFFIELD
Did an excellent job, very professional. Came back better than my expectations. The colours were all brought back to life. As good as new.
5/5  ·  18th November 2022 by of SHEFFIELD
Fantastic results. Looks just like new. Reliable and fair price,
5/5  ·  11th November 2022 by of SHEFFIELD, Penistone
Show them how clean my rug is.
5/5  ·  8th November 2022 by of SHEFFIELD
I would definately recommend everyone Spoke with was friendly and helpful and the cleaning was excellant. We will use again in the future.
5/5  ·  27th October 2022 by of SHEFFIELD
Definately go ahead .Extremely efficient, helpful. Rug has come back looking like new.
5/5  ·  20th October 2022 by of SHEFFIELD, Greenhill
Hav used you for a few years now because of the quality of your service.
5/5  ·  20th October 2022 by of SHEFFIELD, Oughtibridge
Good company. Try them.
5/5  ·  13th October 2022 by of SHEFFIELD, Bradway
Excellent service, good value.
4.5/5  ·  5th September 2022 by of SHEFFIELD
Very reasonably priced and polite quy.
5/5  ·  30th August 2022 by of SHEFFIELD
Very satisfied with the service. Looks like a new rug. Excellent customer service too.
5/5  ·  18th July 2022 by of SHEFFIELD
Would highly recommend and certainly use again. 100% delighted.
5/5  ·  9th June 2022 by of SHEFFIELD, Netheredge
Amazing service.!, Can't believe how clean the rug is. It looks brand new. Thank you so much.
5/5  ·  6th May 2022 by of Sheffield
Previous excellant experiences.
5/5  ·  3rd February 2022 by of SHEFFIELD, Grenoside
Really good service. Professional and does a really great job of everything you do.
5/5  ·  29th January 2022 by of SHEFFIELD, Chapeltown
Wayne cheerful, careful and courteous, Worked very hard. 100%.
5/5  ·  14th December 2021 by of SHEFFIELD, Grenoside
Very pleased with the sheepskin rugs that I had previously washed and spoilt. Amazing service they came back AS NEW. Thank you.
5/5  ·  4th November 2021 by of SHEFFIELD
You were very professional and explained everything fully. Friendly and reliable.
5/5  ·  3rd November 2021 by of SHEFFIELD, Halfway
Your service was super efficient. Everything looks great.
5/5  ·  27th September 2021 by of SHEFFIELD
I am very pleased the carpets look like new.
5/5  ·  1st September 2021 by of SHEFFIELD, Dore
We are very pleased indeed with the cleaning of our rug. Many thanks.
5/5  ·  16th June 2021 by of SHEFFIELD
Excellant service. Rug looks brand new.
5/5  ·  6th May 2021 by of Sheffield, Wisewood
Very friendly efficient service.
5/5  ·  5th May 2021 by of SHEFFIELD
Will definately use again. Heavely soaked rugs came back almost like new.
5/5  ·  16th April 2021 by of SHEFFIELD
Very pleased with the look of the carpets.
5/5  ·  12th January 2021 by of SHEFFIELD
Excellent service. Thank you.
5/5  ·  3rd September 2020 by of SHEFFIELD, Greenhill
Only to comment you on Wayne your technician who is very pleasant and very efficient and gave us good information.
5/5  ·  24th August 2020 by of SHEFFIELD, Rivelin
Brilliant friendly service.
5/5  ·  10th March 2020 by of Sheffield
Very pleased with finished result. Rug looks brighter. Speedy service and good value for this type of rug.
5/5  ·  5th June 2019 by of SHEFFIELD, Beauchief
Very pleased with the standards of workmanship and a 20 year old rug came back looking like new.
5/5  ·  3rd July 2018 by of SHEFFIELD, Bolsterstone
We were very impressed with both the speed and efficiency of the service. Our rug has come bac far cleaner that it went.!
5/5  ·  7th June 2017 by of SHEFFIELD, Dore
Brilliant service, excellent results. The rug which we thought was ruined is like brand new.
5/5  ·  15th January 2016 by of SHEFFIELD, Sothall
Service excellent.
4.5/5  ·  2nd September 2015 by of SHEFFIELD, Greystones
Service was very good.
4/5  ·  25th August 2015 by of Sheffield, Totley
First rate service.
5/5  ·  11th May 2015 by of SHEFFIELD
Amazing service conducted with speed, promptness and courtesy.
5/5  ·  24th February 2015 by of SHEFFIELD, Oughtibridge
An excellent job. Result beyond our expectations.
5/5  ·  28th November 2014 by of SHEFFIELD, Oughtibridge
Used you before, completely satisfied.
4.5/5  ·  4th September 2014 by of SHEFFIELD, Nether Edge
Extremely happy with the service and results.
5/5  ·  3rd June 2014 by of SHEFFIELD, Crosspool
Excellent, professional service.
5/5  ·  24th April 2014 by of SHEFFIELD, Waterthorpe
The young man was excellent.
4.5/5  ·  24th March 2014 by of SHEFFIELD, Woodseats
Very Good.
4.5/5  ·  13th February 2014 by of SHEFFIELD
I found Kevin & Wayne to be helpful and both had a pleasant attitude. Good manners are very important and often overlooked. It was nice to deal with Allan's team.
5/5  ·  10th February 2014 by of Sheffield, Bents Green
Extremely happy despte the fact that our " wotsit rug " could not be cleaned properly. This was fully explained and was appreciated that no charge was made.
4.5/5  ·  7th February 2014 by of SHEFFIELD, Bradway
Very delighted with the work. Very happy with service. Very delighted with all your work.
4.5/5  ·  11th October 2013 by of Sheffield
Good professional service.
4.5/5  ·  19th March 2013 by of Sheffield, Greystones
Excellent results, very pleased.
4.5/5  ·  28th January 2010 by of SHEFFIELD, Whirlow
It was a very efficient service, thank you.
5/5  ·  27th March 2008 by of SHEFFIELD, Mosborough
An excellent service, very polite a good job done.
5/5  ·  27th November 2006 by of SHEFFIELD
Very Professional, Polite and Prompt Service.
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Our Rug Cleaning Process gets YOUR Rug Cleaner…

Virtually all rugs are cleaned in our custom rug cleaning spa.  As we’re going to clean it fully, and correctly, we can’t clean them as effectively if we do it in your home.  We’re one of only a handful of cleaners in the UK who have a dedicated facility to clean rugs, as opposed to ‘the garage’ which is where most carpet cleaners clean their rugs.  We have over  1100sq ft of space dedicated to the proper rug cleaning, drying and storage of your rug whilst it’s in our care.  We’ve invested in some of the most advanced equipment available to ensure we do the best job possible, as safely as possible.  We like to have your rug for 5-7 working days, but for urgent requests can turn them around in two or three days.  There are many stages your rug will go through on it’s journey to its former glory, here’s what we’ll do…

Rug Pre Inspection

A qualified Rug Cleaning technician who is an expert in rug cleaning will come to your home and assess your rug.  This is vital to ensure we use the correct process and products for your valuable rug.  It also allows us, on those very rare occasions, to bring to your attention any potential issues. We’ll do a number of checks, such as colourfast tests, backing stability test and possibly even Ph tests if appropriate.

Dusting / Vacuuming

Various studies have shown that between 60 & 75% of all the soil that is contained in your rug will be DRY soil.  That’s up to a pound of dirt and grit per square foot of your rug.  It’s this dry soil that is making your rug flat and matted, but more worryingly, this abrasive dry dirt is wearing away at the base of the fibres as people walk on your rug.  As much of this soiling as possible must be removed before it is wet cleaned, otherwise it turns to a ‘sludge’ which will slowly wick back with use.  We’ll treat both the face and the back of the rug to remove as much dry soil as possible.

Pre Treatment & Brushing

Having pre-tested stains we’ll apply the appropriate product in an attempt to remove it.  By applying the correct solution and allowing it to dwell this greatly increases the chances of totally removing the stain.  As many rugs are a natural fibre, and often unprocessed, nobody can guarantee to remove every stain.  Although most stains are no problem we will warn you, if appropriate, which may not be removed completely when we pre-inspect your rug. We’ll then apply our prespray and gently agitate this into the fibres.  This attaches itself to the oily soils and ensures a more thorough cleaning by improving the rinse and extraction when we do our full cleaning step.

Flood and Extraction Cleaning

The volume of soil in rugs can be far more than your carpet.  This means extraction cleaning alone may not be the best method.  If required we’ll flood the rug and thoroughly rinse the fibres and backing.  As this is done in a controlled environment this doesn’t present an issue, as it will be thoroughly extracted to dry the rug quickly.  typically rugs dry overnight in our drying room.

Hand Finish Fringes & Groom the Pile

Once the face has been thoroughly cleaned we hand finish the fringes.  This involves using a specially designed table and mesh screen to protect your delicate fringe.  We don’t use any harsh Chlorine bleaches.  We use the most appropriate cleaner for your fringe type and then apply a solution to reducing potential browning of cotton fringes. After cleaning the pile needs ‘grooming’ in four directions before it dries.  This ensures it is all ‘stood up’ and lays in the same direction, giving a more even look to the finish. So when it’s all clean, what else do we do?

Apply Stain & Soil Resistant Treatment

A Woolsafe approved protector can be applied to the rug after finishing.  This is brushed through the fibres to ensure a deep down protection against most common spills and stains, and also helps the carpet resist dry soil, so more dust vacuums away in your home.  It doesn’t affect the feel or appearance of the fibres, unlike cheaper protectors which can have a tacky finish if over applied.

Hang to Dry

We hang all our rugs to dry in our custom drying room.  Leaving rugs wet for days in a garage is what causes most of the problems associated with cleaning.  Unwanted dye bleeding, cellulosic browning, or ‘soap burn’ are just some of the potential problems. By hanging them we can circulate temperature and humidity controlled warm, not hot, air around them to prevent drying issue.  Hanging also ensures a reduced chance of shape change.  Rugs which are just left laying out on the floor to dry don’t have any tension in them. and can dry uneven and buckled, but rugs hung correctly ensures that the rug remains under tension while drying, reducing the risk of shape change.  Rugs we clean in the day will be dry overnight and ready for a final inspection and bagging to return.